Blog #4: Marginalised Groups

Describe a contact you have had with some marginalized group (gypsies/ circus people etc). Has it shown you the deficiencies of your own world view?

A few years of my high school involved ‘integrated lessons’ which were essentially classes that had both mainstream  and support unit students. Kids in support units had learning or physical disabilities, and while I had been made aware many times of the plight of those with disabilities and how we must treat them, it was a completely different experience actually being a part of such a classroom. It certainly revealed to me the deficiencies of my own world view.

My time spent in these classrooms made me re-evaluate every basic function that I had been taking for granted. Every time I had groaned about climbing another flight of stairs, every time I had complained about being tasked with some household chore by my mother, I had completely neglected to appreciate the fact that there are so many others less fortunate and not in a position to access the privileges I can in my daily life. These experiences without a doubt changed my entire perspective on how I appreciate life. My view changed after going through experiences with disabled persons. The treatment this marginalised group deserves is not only important on a societal scale, it’s a personal problem as to this day I hold dear the friendships I made in those three years.

A Short History of the Disability Rights Movement | Disability ...

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